YOU on SUSE Professional and on SLES

The online update on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and the other SUSE business products is the means by which the paid-for software maintenance system is applied to your server. As such, it requires authentication; your credentials need to be put into the

YaST Online Update (YOU) module for it to authenticate against Novell's Customer Center. Normally, the setup for SLES updates is done during the initial installation. If necessary, however, it can be done later with the YaST module labeled "Novell Customer Center Configuration" (yast2 inst_suse_register). The registration process in SLES 10 creates the files /etc/zmd/deviceid and /etc/zmd/secret. These are used as credentials to obtain the updates from the server.

SLES also offers a YaST module to assist with setting up a local YOU server.

In the case of openSUSE, although the online updater comes with no guarantees, it is a free part of the system. There is a choice of installation servers offering the patch RPMs and no registration is required to use it.

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