File Views

You can switch between list and icon view by clicking View > View As Icons or View As List. When in list view, you can reorder the listing by clicking any of the headers. For example, to order the files by size, click the Size header. Clicking once will organize the files in ascending order of size (smallest to largest); clicking again will reverse this so that the files are listed in descending order.

To change the size of the icons in both list and icon view, click the Zoom In and Zoom Out entries on the View menu. This can be useful in folders containing digital images that have been thumbnailed in icon view, as shown in Figure 12-4.

Figure 12-4. Whenever you view a folder full of pictures in icon view, they will be automatically thumbnailed.

Each folder "remembers" the last view settings used, so you don't need to manually save the settings. However, you can set the default view settings by clicking Edit > Preferences.

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