GNOME Using a Digital Camera or Card Reader

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The default photo management software under GNOME is F-Spot. Like many picture management programs, it aims to catalog pictures according to the date the pictures were taken.

F-Spot's photo import wizard starts as soon as you attach the camera or insert a memory card into a card reader. If you click the Import Photos button in the dialog box, it will open a second dialog box by which you can actually import the pictures into F-Spot, as shown in Figure 8-20. Simply click the Import button to import all the photographs. To preview the photographs, click the thumbnails on the left side of the Import dialog box. Note that if you import pictures from a camera, you'll see a slightly different dialog box, without a preview window.

■ Note The second Import dialog box seemed to have a bug when I used it. I had to select my memory card in the Import Source drop-down list before the pictures were actually detected by the F-Spot wizard. I also found that importing pictures from a digital camera was much slower than importing pictures from a card reader. Often, I had to wait a couple of minutes while nothing seemed to be happening.

Figure 8-20. F-Spot manages digital photographs under GNOME, and its wizard will import them from your card reader or digital camera.

F-Spot stores your photographs in the Photos directory within your /home directory, in subdirectories relating to the year, month, and day they were imported. Once they're imported, you can copy the pictures from the folder if you want to further manipulate them, burn them to CD, and so on.

If you're using a card reader, you might have noticed a new desktop shortcut appeared on the desktop when you inserted the card. This gives direct access to the memory card contents. This means that you can click the Ignore button in the initial F-Spot Import dialog box and copy the photos off the card yourself using either the Nautilus or Konqueror file browser, if you wish. Unfortunately, if you use a digital camera, it's likely you'll have to use F-Spot to download the images, although this depends on the camera. Some camera models are identified in a similar way to card readers by SUSE Linux, and you may find that a desktop icon appears.

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