Floppy drive

• 20GB SCSI hard drive

• SVGA graphics card with 4MB of video RAM

• Ethernet card (10BaseT or as appropriate)

• 15-inch SVGA monitor

In configuration C, we have selected a 128MB of memory even though a smaller amount would probably be adequate if the Web serving or mail serving load were particularly light. You can use a smaller hard drive than with the graphics workstation, since with POP3 mail that is retrieved from the server to the user's workstation will no longer be stored on the server. Your specific needs may dictate a larger hard disk if, for instance, you use IMAP instead of POP3. Restrictions to the size of incoming mail also tempers the need for more storage. Certainly a system that has more than 50 users or is used in support of a Web site whose content is linked to a database would benefit from additional space. The server's hard disk is SCSI because SCSI better handles heavy disk-access loads, particularly in a multi-device configuration.

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