Dividing up the file hierarchy why

Why would you bother partitioning a disk and using different partitions for different directories?

The reasons are numerous and include the following. Separation Issues

Different directory branches should be kept on different physical partitions for reasons including:

• Certain directories will contain data that will only need to be read, others will need to be both read and written. It is possible (and good practice) to mount these partitions restricting such operations.

• Directories including /tmp and /var/spool can fill up with files very quickly, especially if a process becomes unstable or the system is purposely flooded with email. This can cause problems. For example, let us assume that the /tmp directory is on the same partition as the /home directory. If the /tmp directory causes the partition to be filled, no user will be able to write to their /home directory as there is no space. If /tmp and /home are on separate partitions, the filling of the /tmp partition will not influence the /home directories.

• The logical division of system software, local software and home directories all lend themselves to separate partitions.

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