The /etc/resolv.conf is the main configuration file for the name resolver code. Its format is quite simple. It is a text file with one keyword per line. There are three keywords typically used, they are:

This keyword specifies the local domain name.

This keyword specifies a list of alternate domain names to search for a hostname

• nameserver

This keyword, which may be used many times, specifies an IP address of a domain name server to query when resolving names.

An example /etc/resolv.conf might look something like:

domain search nameserver nameserver

This example specifies that the default domain name to append to unqualified names (i.e. hostnames supplied without a domain) is and that if the host is not found in that domain, to also try the domain directly. Two name server's entries are supplied, each of which may be called upon by the name resolver code to resolve the name.

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