Slip Ppp and pointtopoint

SLIP and PPP, used to connect machines via serial lines (and modems), are not broadcast media. They are simple "point-to-point" connections between two computers. This means that when information is placed on a SLIP/PPP connection, only the two computers at either end of that connection can see the information. SLIP/PPP are usually used when a computer is connected to a network via a modem or a serial connection.

This chapter does not provide any more discussion of SLIP/PPP. However all the basic concepts and the fundamental process for connecting a machine to the network are the same for SLIP/PPP as they are for ethernet. This is one of the advantages of TCP/IP networking being layered. Above a certain level, i.e. when the network interface is configured, the system works the same regardless of the hardware. Refer to the appropriate HOWTOs for more information.

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