Diplomacy 101 resolving conflicts

At some point in time, despite the best efforts of system administrators, two users will edit the same file, and a conflict will arise. If Freddie and Georgette both check out a file, both change it, and then both check it in, CVS will catch the problem and try to resolve it.

If Freddie and Georgette changed different parts of the same file, CVS graciously merges the changes. If they both change the same part of the file, human intervention is called for.

If Freddie checks in his changes and then Georgette tries to check in hers, Georgette sees an error message stating that her copy of the file is not current. If Georgette then updates her files, the files' status is changed to Conflict (assuming that CVS could not resolve the differences by itself).

The merged version in the lower half of the screen presents four possible merge options (A, B, A+B, and B+A) and the option to edit the merged results. Click the >> button to highlight the next conflict, and then click the button for the merge option that is the best solution to the conflict. If the combinations offered aren't correct, click the Edit button to edit the text.

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