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Digital cameras are one of the major success stories of the last few years. Now you can take pictures and see previews of your pictures immediately. The pictures themselves are stored on discs or memory cards that can be easily plugged into Ubuntu for further manipulation, using The GIMP or other software. Unfortunately, most of the supplied software that comes with the cameras tend to be for Windows users only, making you reliant on the packages supplied with Ubuntu.

The good news, though, is that because of the good development carried out in Ubuntu and GNOME, you are now able to plug pretty much any camera into your computer through a USB interface and Ubuntu automatically recognizes the camera as a USB mass storage device. You can even set Ubuntu to recognize when a camera is plugged in so that it automatically imports your photographs for you.

To do this, you need to set up your settings for removable drives and media. You can find this in the System, Preferences menu. Click the Cameras tab and select the option to import digital photographs when connected (see Figure 7.6).

FIGURE 7.6 Use GNOME's intelligent handling of removable media by setting it to import your photographs automatically.

Now whenever you connect a digital camera to your computer GNOME automatically detects it (see Figure 7.7), and asks whether you want to import the photographs.

By default, GNOME uses the excellent gThumb package (see Figure 7.8), which, although basic-looking, offers an easy-to-use interface and powerful cataloging capabilities.

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Input Devices

Digital Camera

0 Import digital photographs when connected

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Digital Video Camera

Q Edit video when connected

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FIGURE 7.7 GNOME detects the presence of a digital camera and asks whether the photos should be imported.

FIGURE 7.8 Make use of gThumb to manage your extensive photo collection.

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