Using Digital Cameras with Ubuntu

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Most digital cameras used in connection with Ubuntu fall into one of two categories: webcams (small, low-resolution cameras connected to the computer's interface) or handheld digital cameras that record image data on disks or memory cards for downloading and viewing on a PC. Ubuntu supports both types. Other types of cameras, such as surveillance cameras that connect directly to a network via wired or wireless connections, need no special support (other than a network connection and viewing software) to be used with a Linux computer.

Ubuntu supports hundreds of different digital cameras, from early parallel-port (CPiA chipset-based) cameras to today's USB-based cameras. You can even use Intel's QX3 USB microscope with Ubuntu. If you prefer a standalone network-based webcam, explore the capabilities of Linux-based cameras from Axis (at camera/productguide.htm). The following sections describe some of the more commonly used still camera hardware and software supported by Ubuntu.

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