Customizing Digital Device Recognition on KDE 3based Systems

The dialog at the left in Figure 21-7 shows the default menu that displays when you attach a digital audio player to a Kubuntu 8.04 or earlier system, while the dialog at the right in Figure 21-7 shows the default menu that displays when you attach a digital camera to a Kubuntu 8.04 or earlier system. These dialogs differ only in the icon that they contain—otherwise, they're the same, which is somewhat disappointing, since they seem to think that "all the world's a camera," and therefore don't provide an option for automatically starting Amarok to interact with a digital audio player. Luckily, the KDE 3 desktop environment used on Kubuntu 8.04 and earlier systems makes it easy to add new options to the dialogs that it displays when new devices are attached.

To add the menu entry to the dialogs shown in Figure 21-7 that enables you to start Amarok when an appropriate digital device is attached to your system, click the Configure button. The screen shown in Figure 21-9 appears.

To add a new menu entry, click Add. A dialog like the one shown in Figure 21-10 appears.

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