Using the Kthememanager Application to Install Themes

The KDE 3 desktop comes with many attractive themes. By default, KDE 3-based Kubuntu systems use a combination of a custom Kubuntu splash theme, window style and decoration theme called Plastik, an icon theme called Crystal SVG, and a standard KDE color scheme.

The previous section explained how to use the System Settings application's Appearance screens to customize the appearance of the theme that is currently being used on your Kubuntu system. However, many complete alternative themes are available on the Net that enable you to completely replace the theme that is currently being used on your system. My favorites KDE theme sites are (, the KDE section of (, and Freshmeat's KDE themes section (http://themes.freshmeat .net/browse/57/). A quick Web search for "KDE themes" with your favorite search engine will turn up many more sites. Themes for different KDE versions are very different—make sure that you select the version that is designed for use with the version of KDE that is present on your system. The 3.x themes should work fine on a default Kubuntu system.

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