Working with Compact Flash and SD Cards

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Though Ubuntu and Kubuntu can recognize a tremendous selection of digital audio players, digital cameras, and other devices, you may encounter a situation where your system doesn't recognize a specific device or that device doesn't provide a USB or FireWire port to enable you to connect it to your Ubuntu system. Luckily, most of these devices provide removable storage such as CompactFlash or Secure Digital (SD) memory cards that can be accessed from your Ubuntu or Kubuntu system using a generic USB media reader. These devices are quite common nowadays and can be purchased on eBay or at most camera stores. Using these devices with Ubuntu Linux is quite simple and makes it possible for you to copy your precious photos, files, or other information from just about anything to the safety of your Linux desktop computer system.

After ejecting the removable storage media from your camera or other device, insert it into the media reader, and attach that device to your system. If your system can identify the media as a storage device from a digital camera (in other words, if the flash card contains a directory called DCIM), it will give the same notificiation dialog that is used for digital cameras. In some cases, the notification dialog may simply offer to mount it because your system could not uniquely identify the storage device as having come from a camera. In that case, you can simply open the storage device in the suggested file manager and then copy the files off the media using that file manager. If the CompactFlash or SD card that you are exploring is from a digital camera, your photos will be located in subdirectories of the media's DCIM directory.

Once you are finished working with your removable media card, you should eject it by right-clicking on its desktop icon or file manager entry and selecting the Safely Unmount or Eject commands from the context-sensitive menu. These commands ensure that any pending changes are actually written to your storage card and that it is cleanly dismounted so that it can be safely disconnected from your system.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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