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To access devices such as sound cards, digital cameras, or DVD video receivers as a remote user, you will need to modify the PolicyKit permissions. Choose System | Administration | Authorizations to open the PolicyKit client with a sidebar showing an expandable tree. Near the end of the tree is a section for devices that will have the heading hal. You'll also see subsections for storage devices and device-access. Under device-access, you will find entries for many media devices such as video capture, DVB, digital cameras, sound, and DVD drive (optical disk). The right pane will list Implicit Authorizations and Explicit Authorizations segments for allowing access (see Figure 4-16).

The Implicit Authorizations segment will normally deny access to anyone not on the active console. Anyone and Console are set to No. You can click the Edit button to open a dialog, where


Configure CPU frequency scaling £ Acquire locks on dcviccs ¿j Itillsviirch lurn WWAN radio On/»ft & Turn WLAM radio On/Off fy Turn Bluetooth radio On/Off ¿j duckstatiun

Undock a docking station ¡J§ dcvice access ^ Directly access video capture devices

Directly access the ulnput control device ^ Directly access sound devices ^ Directly access scanners

DirecLly access PDA devices <3f Directly access Rrewlre I IDC devices Directly acccss Firewlrc AVC dcviccs 0 Directly access DVB devices Directly access opflcai drives Directly access digital cameras ty Directly access audio players


Identifier: org.freedesktop.hal.device-access.d..

Description,- Directly access DVB devices Vendor:

Implicit Authorizations

Implicit authorizations fire authorizations automatically given to users based on certain criteria such as it they are on the local console. Anyone: Ycg

Console: Yes

Active Console: Yes

Revert To Qcfaults

Explicit Authorizations

This list displays authorizations that are either obtai through authentication or specifically given to the e question. Blocked authorizations are marked with a

I ntlty Scope Obtained I low (]ons

] Show authorizations from all users...


Figure 4-16 PolicyKit device access you can change the Anyone entry from No to Yes. In the Explicit Authorizations segment, you can also set up access for particular users, allowing them full access. See Chapter 17 for more information on PolicyKit.

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