Application Launcher

Certain files, such as shell scripts, are meant to be executed as applications. To run a file using an icon as you would other installed applications, you can create an application launcher for it using the Create Launcher tool. To access this tool, right-click the desktop and choose Create Launcher; or, from the top panel, right-click the panel and choose Add To Panel. This displays the Add To Panel dialog, where you select the Custom Application Launcher entry. When created from the desktop, the new launcher is placed on the desktop; when created from the panel, it will be placed directly on the panel.

The Create Launcher tool will prompt you for the application name, the command that invokes it, and the launch type. The launch type can be an application, file, or file within a terminal. For shell scripts, you use an Application In Terminal option, running the script within a shell.

Use the file type for a data file for which an associated application will be automatically started when opening the file—for example, a Web page will open in a Web browser. Instead of a command, you will be prompted to enter the location of the file.

For Applications and Applications In Terminal, you will be prompted to select the command to use. To do this (the actual application or script file), you can either enter its pathname, if you know it, or use the Browse button to open a file browser window to select it.

To select an icon for your launcher, click the Icon button, initially labeled No Icon. This opens the Icon Browser dialog that lists icons from which you can choose.

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