About the Apache Web Server

Apache is the most widely used web server on the Internet today, according to a Netcraft survey of active websites in June 2007, which is shown in Table 17.1.

Note that these statistics do not reflect Apache's use on internal networks, known as intranets.

The name Apache appeared during the early development of the software because it was "a patchy" server, made up of patches for the freely available source code of the NCSA HTTPd web server. For a while after the NCSA HTTPd project was discontinued, a number of people wrote a variety of patches for the code, to either fix bugs or add features they wanted. A lot of this code was floating around and people were freely sharing it, but it was completely unmanaged.

After a while, Brian Behlendorf and Cliff Skolnick set up a centralized repository of these patches, and the Apache project was born. The project is still composed of a small core group of programmers, but anyone is welcome to submit patches to the group for possible inclusion in the code.

TABLE 17.1 Netcraft Survey Results (June 2007)

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