Adding Repositories

Many packages are not available in default Ubuntu repositories. These packages can either be installed from other Ubuntu repositories or from third-party software. To use the packages present in third-party software, you need to add the software. Perform the following steps to add the third-party software:

1. On the System menu, point to Administration and then click Software Sources.

Figure 7.56: Launching Software Sources Dialogue Box The Software Sources dialogue box opens. The software sources for Ubuntu are selected by default.
Figure 7.57: Selecting the Required Sources


You can also open the Software Sources dialogue box by using the Add/Remove applications or Synaptic Package Manager to enable the repositories under the Ubuntu Software tab.

2. To add a repository from the third party, click the Third-Party Software tab and then click Add.

Figure 7.58: Adding a Third Party Software Source

3. Type the APT line for the repository you want to add as a source. To access the Debian main repositories, type deb http://ftp.debian.orgs sarge main in the APT line box. Click Add Source.


The APT line should include the type, location and components of a repository.

Figure 7.59: Stating the Source APT Line

4. Click Close to save changes. The repository specified in the APT line is added to the third-party software box.

Figure 7.60: Software Sources Dialogue Box Displaying the Added Source

5. With the addition of an extra repository, you will be prompted to update information about available software. Click Reload to do so.

Figure 7.61: Reloading Available Software Information

6. The progress indicator shows the status of package being installed or removed.

You can authenticate your downloads from the Authentication tab in the Software Sources dialogue box. When you do not authenticate your downloads, your computer may show the error shown below after downloading the package information. This error can be ignored. To authenticate the downloading process, you need to import the GPG key, which is different for every repository. Click Close in the dialogue box showing the error. This step will end the process of adding extra repositories and updating package information.

Figure 7.62: Public Key Error

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