Customising the Screen Resolution

The screen resolution determines how large or small an item looks on the screen. To modify the screen resolution of the GNOME desktop: 1. On the System menu, point to Preferences and then click Screen Resolution. The Screen Resolution Preferences dialogue box opens.

O Applications Places System h>|

O Applications Places System h>|

Figure 7.24: Launching Screen Resolution Preferences Dialogue Box

2. The default resolution is 1280x1024. You can change the resolution in the Resolution box.

Figure 7.25: Customising Screen Resolution

3. Click Apply. The Keep Resolution dialogue box opens, prompting you to confirm settings or use the previous resolution and revert to the original settings. Click Keep resolution to apply new changes.


Do you want to keep this resolution?

Testing the new settings, If you don't respond in 9 seconds the previous settings will be restored.

; Use previous resolution

Keep resolution



Figure 7.26: Resolution Confirmation Dialogue Box

The screen resolution will change.

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