You have bank-related information on your computer and want no one else to access it. Your friend wants to use your computer for some time. To handle this situation, create a new user account for your friend and use the fast user switch feature.

1. On the System menu, point to Administration and click Users and Groups. The User settings dialogue box opens.

2. In the User settings dialogue box, click Add User. The New user account dialogue box appears.

3. In the New user account dialogue box, specify the following information:

a. Type charles in the Username box.

b. Select Desktop user from the Profile box.

1. Type charles windsor in the Real name box.

2. Type England in the Office location box.

3. Type 111111 in the Work phone box.

4. Type 99999 in the Home phone box.

5. Type [email protected] in the User password box.

6. Click Close to save the settings.

4. Click the fast user switch icon on the top panel. Click charles. The logon screen appears.

5. Type charles in the Username box and [email protected] in the Password box.

6. Your friend can now work on this desktop.

Your friend cannot access your user account because the computer will ask for your password to log on to the account. So, your personal data

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