Extracting Audio CDs

If you want to listen to your favourite music tracks without needing to insert a CD every time, you can create a copy of the CD and extract the music tracks on your computer. To extract the audio CD:

1. Insert the audio CD and click the Extract button. However, if you want to define the audio quality, format and the location where the files would be stored, click Preferences on the Edit menu. This displays the Preferences dialogue box.

Figure 9.23: Defining Preferences For Audio Files

2. You can use the Preferences dialogue box to define a number of things such as how the folder hierarchy should be saved, how the files should be named and whether to eject the CD automatically after the tracks are extracted.

In the last section of the Preferences dialogue box, you can define the file format in which the tracks would be stored on your computer. Based on your requirements, select any one format from the Output Format drop-down list.

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