Figure 526 Formatting Cells

4. You can use the various options available under the Font, Font Effects and Alignment tabs to specify various formatting attributes for the selected text. Similarly, for assigning formatting attributes to numbers, you can select from a number of pre-defined formats available on the Numbers tab page or define a new one based on your preferences.

The Format Cells dialogue box also provides you with options to add smart borders and vibrant backgrounds to your spreadsheet. It also allows you to select a background colour, from a spectrum of colours, for your otherwise bland and dull spreadsheet. Define the specifications and click OK to apply the formatting effects.

Figure 5.27: Defining Formatting Attributes 5. After you have selected formatting attributes for the selected cell range, you may get a result similar to this one.
Figure 5.28: The Formatted Spreadsheet

6. Calc provides you with another useful feature, called Autoformat, which enables you to create attractive and professional table designs without undergoing the time-consuming process of selecting cell groups and assigning different formats to them. The Autoformat feature allows you to quickly apply preset formats to an entire sheet or a selected cell range. To apply Autoformat to a sheet or selected cell range, on the Format menu, click Autoformat.

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File Edit View Insert Format Tools Data Window Help


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Default Formatting Ctrl+Shift+Space

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CeMs... Ctrl+1

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Row ► Column ► Sheet ► Merge Cells ►

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MCm Peter Male

Print Ranges ►

VBCasev Female

¿ff Character ¿P Paragraph

Change Case ► Styles and Formatting Fll

■•■Fred Male

ES Ralph Male

HSue Female

¡■Pat Male

UMagan Male

flMike Male

Q AutoForm at...

CB Harold Male

Conditional Formatting...

»>MHenry Male

Anchor ► Alignment ► Arrange ► Flip ► Group ► Graphic ► H ontro

^Dan Male

■ Kerry Female

Louis Male

Qjeff Male

CM Melissa Female

iM Heather Female

BlJ Hayden Female

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Sheet 1/3 Defc

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