Figure 582 Splitting Objects

Note that the objects return to their original status. However, the properties of the objects have now changed as per the last object in the arrangement.

Editing Colours and Textures

When creating a drawing, you may need to work with objects of variable colours and textures in the same drawing area. You can customise the area fill of an object by using the Line and Fill toolbar.

The term for the inside of an object is area fill. The area fill of an object can be of uniform colour, a gradient or an image.

Editing a Colour Fill

To edit the colour fill of an object:

1. In the drawing area, select the object you want to edit and click the Area button on the Line and Fill toolbar. The Area dialogue box opens.


Figure 5.83: Editing a Colour Fill

2. The Area dialogue box provides the option to change the existing colour fill of the object. Click the Colours tab, select a colour listed under the Table category and click OK to apply the change.

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