Installing Inkscape

There are two ways to install Inkscape. You can install this application from the repositories by using Synaptic Package Manager or from the Command Line Interface (CLI).


Your computer should be connected to the Internet while installing the application from the repositories.

Installing Inkscape by Using Synaptic Package Manager

To install Inkscape by using Synaptic Package Manager:

1. On the System menu, point to Administration and click Synaptic Package Manager. The Synaptic Package Manager window opens.

Figure 8.27: Launching Synaptic Package Manager

2. In the Synaptic Package Manager window, the left pane lists the categories of software and the right pane lists the packages in a category. Click Search. The Find dialogue box opens. Type Inkscape in the Search field and click Search.

To view installed and uninstalled packages, click Status. For the source repository of the package, click Origin. Click Custom Filters to determine whether a package is broken or upgradeable. To return to the list of categories after searching the packages, click Sections.

Synaptic Package Manager

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Reload Mark All Upgrades


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23646 packages listed, 1147 installed, 0 broken, 0 to install/upgrade, 0 to remove

Figure 8.28: Searching Inkscape

3. The Search results are displayed in the right pane of the Synaptic Package Manager window. Right-click Inkscape and select the Mark for Installation check box.

File Edit Package Settings ¡Help

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Reload Mark All Upgrades Properties Search


S Package Installe

d Version Latest Version


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O Unrnark

fS Mark for Installation

l ® Mark for Reinstallation

: ß)| Mark for Upgrade fj Mark for Removal



m Mark for Complete Removal

3 [Scalable Vector





Mark Recommended for Installation ►

Yi CorelDraw and similar


Mark Suggested for Installation ►


ses, text items, bitmap

images and Teehand curves.

Custom filters

As an added bonus, both vector and bitmap

abjects can have alpha

Search Results

transparency and can be arbitrarily transformed,


2 packages listed, 1147 installed, 0 brcken. 0 to install/upgrade, 0 to remove

Figure 8.29: Marking Inkscape for Installation

4. Click Apply on the toolbar to begin the installation process. A Summary dialogue box is displayed, which prompts you to confirm the changes. Click Apply to proceed with the installation.

Figure 8.30: Confirming Changes 5. After the installation is complete, click Close in the Changes applied dialogue box.
Figure 8.31: Changes Applied Confirmation To launch Inkscape, on the Applications menu, point to Graphics and click Inkscape Vector illustrator.

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