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Advise students that to view desktop effects, computers must have a 3D-enabled graphic card.

Compiz Fusion is a 3D window manager that makes use of 3D accelerated graphics cards found today on many desktops and laptops. It provides a number of visual effects that makes the Linux desktop more powerful and intuitive, as well as easier and more fun to use. For example, you can place workspaces on a cube, which allows you to move from one workspace to another easily.

Compiz Fusion is enabled by default on Ubuntu 7.10 with appropriate graphics cards. It enables the 3D desktop visual effects that improve the usability and visual appeal of the system. You really have to see and play with this application to appreciate the benefits. To view the visual effects on Ubuntu:

1. On the System menu, point to Preferences and click Appearance. The Appearance Preferences dialogue box appears.

ö Applications Places

System H^©

§ ^ Sat 20 Oct, 2:06 PM M

^^ Preferences ►

Universal Access ►

fey Administration ►

'jfr About Me

fgfl Appearance

ifj Help and Support ■jj About GNOME About Ubuntu

0 B'ue]customise the look of thedesktop^B

i^i Default Printer ^^ Hardware Information

0 Quit,..

Indexing Preferences

sai Keyboard

Keyboard Shortcuts

Main Menu


Network Proxy

Q PalmOS Devices

Power Management

Preferred Applications

^p Remote Desktop

(js) Removable Drives and Media

Ijj] SCIIv Input Method Setup

11^1 Scresn Resolution


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