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It is advisable to cover all the topics during the training. However, if you fall short of time then cover only the following topics:

• Introducing Graphics Applications

• Viewing Images with gThumb

• Managing Photos with F-Spot

Try and take photographs of the class (students) before this session and then demonstrate the applications using those photographs. This lesson should be very hands on as opposed to just a demonstration.

Graphics applications form an integral part of Ubuntu. They enable you to organise your photo collection, create and edit photos and images, scan and send objects and more.

In this lesson, you will learn about the various graphics applications available on Ubuntu and which one to use when. These graphics applications are available either with the Ubuntu installation or in repositories (those libraries we mentioned earlier).

Applications Available with the Ubuntu Installation

The following applications are included in the Ubuntu installation package:

• gThumb Image Viewer: An image viewer and a browser for the GNOME desktop which enables you to import pictures from a digital camera, create photo CDs and display photos as slide shows.

• GIMP Image Editor: An image editor used for advanced image creation and editing such as changing the contrast, colour or the texture of an image.

• F-Spot Photo Manager: A photo manager used to organise and manage photos. F-Spot enables you to tag (label), categorise and sort photos.

• XSane Image Scanner: An image scanner which also enables you to photocopy documents and fax or e-mail scanned images. Applications Available in Repositories

In addition to the default applications, you can search through the repositories and install applications using the Synaptic Package Manager or the Command Line Interface (CLI).

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