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Advise students that to understand the concept of fast user switching, they need to have more than one user account on their computer. Walk the students through creating a new user on their computer, and then move on to the concept of fast user switching.

You might have multiple users who want to access your system. In this case, there is a risk of data being manipulated or corrupted by other users. To prevent this from happening, you can create user accounts for each individual who wants to use your computer, giving each user an individual account with personalised user settings. For example, it is useful to give children their own accounts on the computer -- this prevents then from changing other people's settings.

To create a new user account on Ubuntu:

1. On the System menu, point to Administration and click Users and Groups. The User settings dialogue box appears.

Figure 3.28: Adding/Removing Users

2. In the User settings dialogue box, click Add User to add a new user account on your computer. The New user account dialogue box opens.

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