Key Features of Open Officeorg Impress

Some of the many useful features of Impress are:

Creating Vector Graphics: Impress comes bundled with various drawing tools that allow you to create vector graphics from within the application. You can also export vector graphics to bitmap pictures and, inversely, convert bitmap pictures into vector graphics.

Creating Slides: Choose from ready-to-use templates or use the drawing and diagram tools to jazz up your slides. Master view adds the elements that you want to appear on all slides of your presentation.

Further, Impress users have the option to install the Open ClipArt library, which contains a huge selection of images for free use.

Animations and effects help add spice to your presentations. You can render stunning 2D and 3D effects to your text using Fontwork, which lets you create life-like 3D images easily.

Publishing Presentations: Impress allows you to publish presentations as handouts, export them into PDF files, convert them into SWF files and publish them as HTML documents. This enables you to access your presentation from a variety of platforms.

Saving Presentation in Other Formats: Similar to other OpenOffice.Org applications, Impress saves your work in the international Open-Document format. It also allows you to save your work in other formats such as PowerPoint.

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