Lesson Summary

In this lesson, you learned that:

• OpenOffice.org is the default office application suite provided with Ubuntu.

• The OpenOffice.org sofware suite comprises five applications to help you handle your work effectively.

• Writer forms the word processor component of the OpenOffice.org office software suite and contains all the features that you expect from a modern, fully equipped word processor.

• Calc forms the spreadsheet component of the OpenOffice.org office software suite and offers a whole range of advanced functions to help accomplish complex tasks.

• Impress is a fully featured presentation tool included in the OpenOffice.org office software suite.

• Math is the equation writer component of OpenOffice.org office software suite.

• GnuCash is extremely useful application software for managing your home and/or small business finances.

• Scribus is a page layout application that you can use to create posters, cards, brochures and so on for commercial purposes.

• Evince is document viewer software that allows you to easily navigate a document. The document can also be viewed or searched.

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