Lesson Summary

In this lesson, you learned that:

• Partitioning your hard disk is similar to splitting rooms with walls in a house.

• You can run Ubuntu on a single or multiple partitions or drives.

• Before partitioning the hard drive, you should make sure that there is no data on the hard drive. If the hard drive on which you are creating a partition contains data and you wish to preserve it, it will be safer to back up the data before proceeding.

• You can create a partition by using both the partition editor and the command-line interface.

• It is possible for you to change the boot-up configuration to define the computer's boot order, change the default operating system to boot or make a system command run automatically at boot-up.

• To run a set of commands each time the system boots up, you need to include the commands in the /etc/rc.local file so that the computer executes them automatically at every boot-up.

• You can change the default operating system at boot by making changes in the configuration file.

• You must read the service information before disabling any service because disabling some services may stop your system from booting-up or running properly.

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