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While importing music files from your music collection, Rhythmbox also imports the metadata tags associated with the files. These tags are used by Rhythmbox to categorise the music files by genre, artist, album, title, and track number.

5. The selected music files are imported into the library and displayed in the the Rhythmbox window. You will notice that the main Rhythmbox window is split into various panes. Each pane displays different details about your music collection. To play music from the library, you can use the Artist, Album and Track panes to select the music tracks that you want to play and then use the playback controls to start playing the music tracks. Click the Play button to start playing the selected track.

Figure 9.5: The Rhythmbox Window

6. If you click the Play button without selecting any track, Rhythmbox will start playing the first track from your current view. You can use the Shuffle button to play tracks randomly. You can also create a play list by right-clicking a music track and selecting Add to Playlist. To stop or pause a track, click the Play button again.

Figure 9.6: Creating New Playlist

7. Rhythmbox offers many additional useful features in the form of various plugins. Some of these plugins are not turned on by default. To access these plugins, on the Edit menu, click Plugins. The Configure Plugins dialogue box opens.

Figure 9.7: Accessing Plugins

8. You can view all the available plugins in the left pane of the Configure Plugins dialogue box. Selecting a plugin displays its details in the right pane of the dialogue box.

9. Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can activate these plugins to get extra functionality in your Rhythmbox. For example, activating Magnatune Store plugin enables iTunes-style song previews and paid downloads. Activating Visualization renders a real-time visualization of the music on the screen while you listen to a song track. Similarly, if you want to automatically retrieve the lyrics of the song being played, activate Song Lyrics by selecting the corresponding check box and click Close to exit the Configure Plugins dialogue box.

Figure 9.8: Activating Plugins 10. You are returned to the main Rhythmbox interface. To start retrieving the song lyrics, on the View menu, click Song Lyrics.
Figure 9.9: Retrieving Song Lyrics 11. Amazingly, Rhythmbox retrieves the song lyrics for you. Now, you can sing along while listening to your favourite song.
Figure 9.10: The Song Lyrics Retrieved

12. Similarly, if you wish to view animations while listening to a song, click the Visualization button.

Figure 9.11: Activating Visualisation

13. You can view animations while playing a song.

Figure 9.12: Viewing Animations

14. Rhythmbox also enables you to listen to music from a variety of sources, such as Internet radio stations and podcasts.

To play music from a podcast of your choice, right-click the Podcast option in the Source list and select New Podcast Feed.

Figure 9.13: Adding New Podcast Feed

Podcasts are audio shows broadcast over the Internet that you can subscribe to. Subscribing to a podcast enables you to download each new audio release from the subscribed podcast source.

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