Review Exercise

Question 1

List the applications included in the office software suite. Answer 1

The applications included in the office software suite are:

• Writer

• Calc

• Impress

• Draw

• Base

• Math

Question 2

The applications in save files in which format, by default?

c) ODF Answer 2

c) OpenDocument Format (ODF) Question 3

Name the equation editor component of the software suite. Answer 3 Math. Question 4

Which software feature help you create multiple personalised form letters? Answer 4

The Mail merge feature in Writer allows you to create multiple personalised form letters, labels, envelopes, faxes, e-mail messages by using a form letter template and an address database.

Question 5

Which software feature in available helps you navigate inside your document? Answer 5

The Navigator feature available in provides you an outline view of your entire document and allows you to quickly navigate inside your document.

Question 6

Name the feature in the software suite that allows you to perform a complete document makeover? Answer 6

The Style and Formatting window. Question 7

Do you require any additional software to convert a document into a PDF file? Answer 7

The software suite allows you to save your document directly as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file without the use of any additional expensive software.


Question 8

Name the software tool that guide you through the creation of a formula in Calc. Answer 8

The Function Wizard Question 9

Math allows you to type your formula directly into the document if you are familiar with the_

Answer 9

Math markup language Question 10

Name the feature available in Impress that allows you to create text with stunning 3D effects?

Answer 10

The Fontwork Gallery

Question 11

Which feature of GnuCash helps you look for a transaction using a Query window?

1. Split transaction

2. Scheduled transaction

3. Transaction finder

4. Reconcile window Answer 11

3. Transaction finder Question 12 What is Scribus?.

a. An accounting application b. A word processor c. A document viewer d. Page layout software Answer 12

d)Page layout software

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