Viewing Images

Images can be viewed in various formats, such as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, ICO and XPM. You can also view GIF animations. To view an image:

1. On the Applications menu, point to Graphics and click gThumb Image Viewer. The gThumb window opens.

Figure 8.1: Launching gThumb Image Viewer

2. In the left pane of the gThumb window, click Images and navigate to the folder that contains the images. Alternatively, if you know the name of the image, type the image name and click Search on the toolbar. The right pane of the gThumb window displays the selected image as a thumbnail.

Figure 8.2: gThumb Window

3. If there are too many images displayed in the right pane, it may be difficult for you to find the image you want. The Show option at the bottom in the right pane limits the range of visible images. For example, you can specify a criterion, such as Date, to display images stored on your computer on a specific date or Size, to display images of a specific size. Click the Show arrow and select the appropriate option from the Show list.

Figure 8.3: Selecting Image Display Options

4. To view images in their original order of arrangement, click Fullscreen on the toolbar. Ensure not to select a thumbnail. The first image in the series opens in a fullscreen window.

Figure 8.4: Viewing Image in Fullscreen Mode

The toolbar in the fullscreen window provides the following options:

• Leave Fullscreen: Click Leave Fullscreen to exit fullscreen mode and return to the gThumb window.

• Zoom In and Out: Click the zoom options to adjust the display size of an image. Use In to increase the size and Out to decrease the size of the image.

• Image properties: Click Properties to view the properties of an image, such as the dimensions, size or the date on which the image was saved on the computer.

• Next or Previous: Click these buttons to navigate through and view the images in the series. Note:

For the first image, Previous is disabled and for the last image, Next is disabled.

5. To view images in random order, in the gThumb window, click the thumbnail of any image and then click Fullscreen to view the image in fullscreen mode.

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