Logging In on the System

When you boot a standard Ubuntu Linux system, it displays a Login screen (Figure 4-1) on the system console. At the lower-left corner of the screen is a small b

Figure 4-1 The Ubuntu GNOME login screen

object labeled Options. Click this object or press F10 to display the Actions menu. The selections on this menu allow you to work in a different language (Select Language), specify a desktop manager (Session), log in remotely, reboot the system (Restart), turn the system off (Shut Down), suspend the system, or have the system hibernate. For more information refer to "The Login Screen" on page 132.

To log in, enter your username in the text box labeled Username and press RETURN. The label changes to Password. Enter your password and press RETURN. If Ubuntu displays an error message, try entering your username and password again. Make sure the CAPS LOCK key is not on (Ubuntu displays a message if it is); the routine that verifies your entries is case sensitive. See page 133 if you need help with logging in and page 135 if you want to change your password. The system takes a moment to set things up and then displays a workspace (Figure 4-2).

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