Alternative Backup Software

The free download version of Ubuntu does not provide any other sophisticated backup applications, but the version targeted to businesses usually does. Commercial and other freeware backup products do exist; BRU and Veritas are good examples of effective commercial backup products. Here are some useful free software backup tools that are not installed with Ubuntu:

• flexbackup This backup tool is a large file of Perl scripts that makes dump and restore easier to use. flexbackup's command syntax can be accessed by using the command with the -help argument. It also can use afio, cpio, and tar to create and restore archives locally or over a network using rsh or ssh if security is a concern. Its home page is

• afio This tool creates cpio-formatted archives, but handles input data corruption better than cpio (which does not handle data input corruption very well at all). It supports multi-volume archives during interactive operation and can make compressed archives. If you feel the need to use cpio, you might want to check out afio at

• cdbackup Designed for the home or small office user, cdbackup will work with any backup and will restore software that can read from stdin, write to stdout, and can handle linear devices such as tape drives. It makes it easier to use CD-Rs as the storage medium. Similar applications are available elsewhere as well; the home page for this application is at

Many other alternative backup tools exist, but covering all of them is beyond the scope of this book. Two good places to look for free backup software are Freshmeat ( and Google (


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