Booting the System from a Generic Boot Floppy

If you failed to make a boot floppy or cannot locate the one you did make, any Linux boot floppy (a slightly older version or one borrowed from a friend) can be pressed into service as long as it has a reasonably similar kernel version. (The major and minor numbers matchfor example, 2.6.5 would likely work with any 2.6 system, but not with a 2.4 system.) You would boot your system by manually specifying the root and boot partitions as described previously. Although you are almost guaranteed to get some error messages, you might at least be able to get a base system running enough to replace files and recover the system.

In both preceding cases, it is assumed that you do not need any special file system or device drivers to access the root partition. If you do, add the initrd= argument to the LILO line pointing to the appropriate initrd file on your system. If you do not know the exact name of the initrd file, you are out of luck with LILO, so learn to use a GRUB boot floppy as well.

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