The MySQL data directory needs to be owned by the user as which MySQL will run (changing ownership using the chown command). In addition, only this user should have any permissions on this directory. (In other words, the permissions should be set to 700 by using chmod.) Setting up the data directory any other way creates a security hole.

Running mysqi_instaii_db should generate output similar to the following:

sudo mysql_install_db

Preparing db tabie Preparing host tabie Preparing user tabie Preparing func tabie Preparing tabies_priv tabie Preparing coiumns_priv tabie Instaiiing aii prepared tabies

020916 17:39:05 /usr/iibexec/mysqid: Shutdown Compiete

The command prepares MySQL for use on the system and reports helpful information. The next step is to set the password for the MySQL root user, which is discussed in the following section.

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