Multimedia Applications


• Burning CDs and DVDs in Ubuntu

• Viewing TV and Video

Go up to anyone in the street today and ask them what an iPod is, and you are sure to get a correct answer. Apple's phenomenal success with their now ubiquitous personal music player has driven the digital music market like no one else. Rewind back to the early nineties then, where most users were limited to Window's Sound Recorder and the idea of "ripping" CDs was virtually unheard of. Thankfully Linux has been at the forefront of the digital music landscape, although the continuing DRM saga can make it difficult to listen and manipulate digital media on the Linux platform.

Ubuntu itself is armed with a wide variety of applications designed to help you manage your digital media collection. You can rip music from CDs, stream them across your network, sync them with your personal music player, burn them to discin short you can do anything with them that you want.

This chapter takes you through the steps to burn CDs and DVDs using the tools supplied with Ubuntu. You will also find out how to rip music from CDs using a variety of tools, as well as the applications that can manage your music library. Finally we will take a look at how you can watch TV and video using Ubuntu.

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