Graphics Manipulation


• Using Digital Cameras with Ubuntu

• Using Scanners in Ubuntu

The rise in digital photography has fueled a new breed of amateur photographers. Coupled with the development of the digital darkroom, more people now than ever are citing photography as one of their main hobbies. A surprising amount of software has sprung up for everything from managing digital photos, to touching up common photo problems, right the way through to manipulating photographs to change the way they look. Fortunately for Ubuntu, it has access to a number of software packages that allow users to work with digital imagery.

In this chapter we will focus mainly on digital imagery, looking at some of the popular software available for Ubuntu. We will look at the GIMP, one of the main photo and digital imaging applications available for the Linux platform, as well as take a look at some of the other photo management applications available. Finally we will have a look at scanning in Ubuntu, for those photos that you want to store forever.



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