Remote Access with SSH and Telnet


• Setting Up a Telnet Server

• Telnet Versus SSH

• Setting Up an SSH Server

The ability to control your system remotely is one of the high points of Ubuntuyou can connect from any Linux box to another Linux box in a variety of ways. If you just want to check something quickly or if you have limited bandwidth, you have the option of using only the command line, but you can also connect directly to the X server and get full graphical control.

Understanding the selection of tools available is largely a history lesson. For example, Telnet was an earlier way of connecting to another computer through the command line, but that has since been superseded by SSH. That is not to say that you should ignore Telnet; you need to know how to use it so you have it as a fallback. However, SSH is preferred because it is more secure. We cover both in this chapter.


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