Preparing to Install Ubuntu


• Planning Your Ubuntu Deployment

• Hardware Requirements

• Preparing for the Install Process

• Partitioning Before and During Installation

• Using Ubuntu's Kickstart Installation Method

The first step in any major project is to fully prepare and plan the project through. When you are considering switching to Linux using Ubuntu, you need to clearly identify what it is you want to get from the installation. Installing Ubuntu just because it is cool is always fun, but it will mean so much more if it is fulfilling a business or personal need. Linux is constantly being attacked by various FUD-mongers (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). Chief among these are the accusations that Linux is nigh on impossible to install and configure. This used to be the case several years ago, but great leaps have been made in usability. However, it still pays to be prepared and having the information that Ubuntu requires up front can save a lot of frustration. A major part of installing Ubuntu is knowing how your hard drive is organized, or rather the arrangement of partitions on your hard drive. Do not be frightened about partitioning your hard drive; with a bit of forward planning, you will be able to do it with no trouble at all.

This chapter will help guide you toward an installation of Ubuntu that closely matches your requirements. We start off with a look at some of the things you should take in to account when considering moving to Linux, including what your aims and objectives are for using Ubuntu. We also take a look at the hardware requirements of Ubuntu, along with information on how to check whether your hardware is compatible with Ubuntu. Finally, you will get a general overview of what installing Ubuntu looks like as well as how to avoid pitfalls with partitioning your hard drive. By the end of this chapter you should recognize just how flexible Ubuntu really is, both in the software it provides and also by the many ways in which you can install it.



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