Remote File Serving with FTP


• Using FTP Clients

• Installing FTP Software

• inetd Configuration for wu-ftpd

• Configuring the Very Secure FTP Server

• Configuring the Wu-FTPd Server

• Using Commands in the ftpaccess File to Configure wu-ftpd

• Configure FTP Server File-Conversion Actions

• Using Commands in the ftphosts File to Allow or Deny FTP Server Connection

• Server Administration

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was once considered the primary method used to transfer files over a network from computer to computer. FTP is still heavily used today, although many graphical FTP clients now supplement the original text-based interface command. As computers have evolved, so has FTP, and Ubuntu includes many ways with which to use a graphical interface to transfer files over FTP.

This chapter contains an overview of the available FTP software included with Ubuntu, along with some details concerning initial set up, configuration, and use of FTPspecific clients. Ubuntu also includes an FTP server software package named vsftpd, the Very Secure FTP Daemon, and a number of associated programs you can use to serve and transfer files with the FTP protocol.


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