Securing Your


• Understanding Computer Attacks

• Assessing Your Vulnerability

• Protecting Your Machine

• Configuring Your Firewall

• Forming a Disaster Recovery Plan

• Keeping Up-to-Date on Linux Security Issues

No home computer with a connection to the Internet is 100% safe. If this information does not concern you, it should! Although there is no way to stop a serious cracker who is intent on getting into your computer or network, there are ways to make it harder for him and to warn you when he does.

In this chapter, we discuss all aspects of securing your Linux machines. You might have wondered why we did not spread this information around the book wherever it was appropriate, but the reason is simple: If you ever have a security problem with Linux, you know you can turn to this page and start reading without having to search or try to remember where you saw a tip. Everything you need is here in this one chapter, and we strongly advise you read it from start to finish.


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