Managing Software


• Using Add/Remove Applications for Software Management

• Using Synaptic for Software Management

• Working on the Command Line

• Compiling Software from Source

In this chapter, we look at the options you have to manage your software in Ubuntu. If you are used to a Windows environment where you are reliant on visiting several different vendor websites to download updates, you are in for a shock! Updating a full Ubuntu installation, including all the application software, is as easy as running the Update Manager program. You will discover just how easy it is to install and even remove various software packages.

Ubuntu provides a variety of tools for system resource management. The following sections introduce the graphical software management tools that you will use for most of your software management. (You will learn more about a collection of command-line tools in Chapter 33, "Command Line Masterclass.") This chapter also covers monitoring and managing memory and disk storage on your system.



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