On the Internet Surfing the Web Writing Email and Reading the News


• Choosing a Web Browser

• Choosing an Email Client

• An Overview of Network News

• Selecting a Newsreader

• Internet Relay Chat

• Internet Messaging with GAIM

• Videoconferencing with Ekiga

The Internet has revolutionized our modern civilization within a short time. Not long ago, it was unheard of to be communicating through the Internet, and computer networks were viewed with some suspicion thanks to various Hollywood blockbusters such as WarGames and The Terminator; nowadays you are deemed backward if you do not have an email account or an instant messenger "nick." This chapter introduces you to some of the more popular software that you can use to access the Internet, send and receive email, read network news, collaborate with others using an online collaboration tool, and talk in real time using instant messaging and even videoconferencing. You will find out how to set up each piece of software to access the resources you need.


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