Compressing Encrypting and Sending tar Streams

The file copy techniques using the tar command in the previous section can also be used to quickly and securely copy a directory structure across a LAN or the Internet (using the ssh command). One way to make use of these techniques is to use the following command line to first compress the contents of a designated directory, and then decompress the compressed and encrypted archive stream into a designated directory on a remote host:

$ tar cvzf - data_folder | ssh remote host '( cd ~/mybackup dir; tar xvzf - )'

The tar command is used to create, list, and compress the files in the directory named data_folder. The output is piped through the ssh (secure shell) command and sent to the remote computer named remote_host. On the remote computer, the stream is then extracted and saved in the directory named /mybackup_dir. You will be prompted for a password in order to send the stream.

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