Configure Commands Directed Toward the cdpath

This alias command allows the administrator to provide another name for a directory other than its standard name:

The alias line only applies to the cd command. This line is particularly useful if a popular directory is buried deep within the anonymous FTP user's directory tree. A sample entry is the following:

alias linux-386 /pub/slackware/11/i386/

This line would allow the user to type cd linux-386 and be automatically taken to the

/pub/slackware/11/i38 6directory.

The cdpath <dir> line specifies in what order the cd command will look for a given string the user enters. The search path is done in the order in which the cdpath lines are entered in the ftpacess file.

For example, if the following cdpath entries are in the ftpaccess file, cdpath /pub/slackware/ cdpath /pub/linux/

And the user types cd i38 6 , the server will search for an entry in any defined aliases first in the /pub/slackware directory and then in the /pub/linux directory. If a large number of aliases are defined, it is recommended that symbolic links to the directories be created instead of aliases. This will reduce the amount of work on the FTP server and decrease wait time for the user.

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