Configure FTP Server File Conversion Actions

The FTP server can convert files during transfer to compress and uncompress files automatically. Suppose that the user is transferring a file to his Microsoft Windows machine that was TARed and GZIPed on a Linux machine. If the user does not have an archive utility installed to uncompress these files, he cannot access or use the files.

As the FTP server administrator, you can configure the FTP server to automatically unarchive these files before download, should the site support users who might not have unarchive capabilities. Additionally, you can configure an upload area for the users, and then configure the FTP server to automatically compress any files transferred to the server.

The structure of the format of the ftpconversions file is

where 1 is the strip prefix, 2 is the strip postfix, 3 is the add-on prefix, 4 is the add-on postfix, 5 is the external command, 6 is the types, 7 is the options, and 8 is the description.

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