Controlling Anonymous Access

Toggling anonymous access features for your FTP server is done by editing the vsftpd.conf file and changing related entries to YES or NO in the file. Settings to control how the server works for anonymous logins include anonymous_enabie Enabled by default; use a setting of NO, and then restart the server to turn off anonymous access.

anon_mkdir_write_enabie Allows or disallows creating of new directories.

anon_other_write_enabie Allows or disallows deleting or renaming of files and directories.

anon_upioad_enabie Controls whether anonymous users can upload files (also depends on the global write_enabie setting); this is a potential security and liability hazard and should rarely be used; if enabled, consistently monitor any designated upload directory.

anon_worid_readabie_oniy Only allows anonymous users to download files with worldreadable (444) permission.

After making any changes to your server configuration file, make sure to restart the server; this forces vsftpd to reread its settings.

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