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A lot of documentation is included with every Linux distribution, and Ubuntu is certainly no exception. Although the intent of Ubuntu Unleashed is to be as complete as possible, it is impossible to cover every option of every command included in the distribution. However, this book offers numerous tables of various options, commands, and keystrokes to help condense, organize, and present information about a variety of subjects.

This edition is also packed full of screenshots to illustrate nearly all Ubuntu-specific graphical utilitiesespecially those related to system administration or the configuration and administration of various system and network services.

To help you better understand code listing examples and sample command lines, several formatting techniques are used to show input and ownership. For example, if the command or code listing example shows typed input, the input is formatted in boldface, as follows:

If typed input is required, as in response to a prompt, the sample typed input also is in boldface, like so:

All statements, variables, and text that should appear on your display use the same boldface formatting. In addition, command lines that require root or super user access are prefaced with a pound sign, as follows:

# printtool &

Command-line examples that any user can run are prefaced with a dollar sign ($), like so:

The following elements provide you with useful tidbits of information that relate to the discussion of the text:

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