Creating CDs and DVDs with Ubuntus Graphical Clients

Although adequate for quick burns and use in shell scripting, the command-line technique for burning CDs and DVDs is an awkward choice for many people until they become proficient at it and learn all the arcane commands. Fortunately, Ubuntu provides several graphical clients.

With Ubuntu, enhanced functionality has been included in the default file browser Nautilus. Under the Places menu item is a CD/DVD Creator selection. To use it, insert a blank CD or DVD into your CD-R/DVD-R drive. You will need to have two Nautilus windows open: one showing the files you want to save to the CD, and a second one that is opened to the burn:/// location. Click on the Write to Disc button as shown in Figure 10.1 to bring up the Write dialog; at the next dialog box, choose what format you want to write the disc to. Nautilus CD/DVD Creator supports writing to a disc image file, commonly known as ISO. You can also give your new disc a label and tell Nautilus what speed you want to write the disc at. Finally click the Write button to start the burning processit is that simple! Nautilus also allows you to quickly write an ISO file directly to a disc. Simply right click on the ISO file that you want to burn to a disc, and select Write to Disc. You will be asked to confirm the CD Writer to use, and all you have to do is click OK to start the writing process.

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